Feels // dark circles

Mascara is permanently stained on my under eye bags.

My eyes themselves are blood shot, but thats okay because I can barely keep them open. 
A pro and a con of being me is that out of no where I became a human with ALL of the feelings and emotions. I feel things so deeply...and for so long.  This week I am stuck in a feeling and for once I can't explain, I just feel it..hard. Life is hitting me all at once, and is it weird to say that I usually enjoy being overwhelmed with things? There is always something, and usually many somethings, but chaos is ok for me. What I am feeling is indifference. It is for once not knowing my present or future self, and feeling no control over the situation. My (not so) kitten cuddles me for the first time. It's nice, but also makes it seem obvious that i'm struggling hard, because she literally hates me. 

"Bad days build better days," I repeat to myself over and over while staring at my dark circles. It's about  balance. It always is. All I have to do keep myself composed for 12 hours a day...right? 

The point is : I feel too many things for one person, but I already knew this. 
My thoughts : Dark circles go away eventually, things will work out the way they are suppose to, I should sometimes just put my trust in faith, its okay to not be okay but at some point soon I should get it together, I cant take for granted the hugs from friends who want the best for me, and being in love is the most wonderful feeling in you're entire body, but it also gets so.fucking.hard. and, Love is worth it. It is soooo worth it. It is worth the work, the effort, the bad days and the better days. 


Self Love

what the f is anxiety?

what the f is anxiety?