When it feels like you've had enough....

you are just getting started. 

Your boiling point is just the beginning, because things really do get worse before they get better. There is no point in things being easy, and I have learned that over and over. I do like a challenge but god dang it.... sometimes I just need a break. 

Every day I know I am stronger mentally and physically than I was the day before regardless of how I feel or look. I woke up. Im alive, and at this point that has to count for something.

How many times can you say "It has been a long day?" 
I catch myself saying this more than I should and majority of the time, I wish for more time. It doesn't make any sense. It doesn't matter if you've has a long day before it even hits 9am. The day is going to get longer, once one door closes, another will open, and every day to follow will be a long day. 

I have been feeling like i've had enough more often than ever. Some how I find that feeling to be motivating...to fuel my own fire. Do not settle, do you, and move on. 

There is always going to be "SOMETHING" going on. Embrace it.

fake it till you make it. 

what the f is anxiety?

what the f is anxiety?