Homesick is what I always referred to it as, but not too long ago I realized that I was wrong. I have made a home in what I have now. A warm bed, a (not-so) kitten, and someone to cook and care for. 

Home is right here. So why do I always want to be somewhere else?

I guess thats okay. Actually, I don't think theres anything wrong in wanting to uproot. Im 22, isn't that what Im supposed to be doing anyway? I want to see everything I can and take advantage of every opportunity where I have more than $5 in my bank account to actually go and do something. 

With this I run into two major problems:
1. I don't think I can bring my cat backpacking through Europe... but that would make for a sick Instagram account. ( @remy_the_bae_cat)

2. What if I am in the middle of Asia running on the freakin' Great Wall when my body tweaks out. What If Im stranded in the middle of China with a Bursted cyst? Im sure i'd manage, but I don't want my memories of the great wonders to be literally bloody. 

Whatever. I know these are irrational, but this is what I think about. But anyway, my point is that I need to get a GD passport for me and my kitten.